Sizing Guide


Use a tape measure or string to measure the thinnest part of your wrist tight against the skin, pick the size closest to what you measure - pick true to size rather than sizing up as each bracelet includes extension links for 1 inch of wiggle room.

Child sizing:

Fits most children age 3-12 years (5-6 inch wrist). First link is 5.5 inches, last link is 6.5 inches.


Adult sizing:

Adult (6 - 7 inch wrist) first link is 6.5 inches, last link is 7.5 inches



Below you will see the necklace sizes we offer.  To determine what the necklace would look like on you, simply use a tape measure or string and measure around your neck to see where the necklace will fall.


16 inch pendant necklace - Adult Short. On an adult will likely sit higher and close to the neck.

18 inch pendant necklace - Adult regular. Will likely sit between the lower neck and chest. Most common size for adult necklaces.


**Please contact us about custom sizing as needed