Welcome! My name is Lauren, and I live in San Diego. I started Feather & Rose when I was looking for a fun activity to do with my daughter. Jewelry making was something that we both enjoyed, and having matching jewelry was a fun way to feel connected. From there, Feather & Rose was born!


The mission of Feather & Rose is to see all females flourish by helping them cultivate confidence, joy, and connection in their lives.

As a chronic self-doubter, it's no surprise that “words of affirmation” is my love language! When I first became a mom I had a difficult time adjusting to my new role - I questioned my every move and felt like I was doing it all wrong. I truly leaned into the affirming words of others and positive self-talk to build my confidence as a new mom. I continue to lean into my tribe of women for support, and my goal is to provide opportunities to encourage and support others.

As a brand, we believe in the power of affirmation and speaking words of life over ourselves and others. In light of all this, each piece has special meaning and includes a written affirmation. We want every female to recognize her unique talents, to trust in her abilities, and to know that she is precious and beloved.


We donate 10% of all sales to Carry the Future, an organization that provides critical aide to refugee families in need including supplying baby carriers, newborn supplies, and funding projects that create women-friendly spaces.