Jewelry Tip: Why your earrings hurt and how to fix this

Do your ears turn red, itchy, or are in pain when you wear earrings? This post is for you!  Our video will share:
1) Why your earrings hurt  
You are allergic to them! Most inexpensive earrings are made with cheap metals like copper, brass or nickel which can cause reactions in our bodies. Also, DO NOT be fooled by jewelry marketed as "gold-plated," all this means is there is a very thin layer of gold over top a more inexpensive metal.
2) How you can fix this
Try earrings made of a different metal. Look for hypoallergenic materials such as: pure gold, platinum, sterling silver, gold-filled, stainless steel, titanium.  All of our earrings, chains, clasps and links are ALWAYS gold-filled. Gold-filled is 5% pure gold, it is the more economical option compared to pure gold.    
3) Our Jewelry hack
DO NOT throw out those big costume jewelry earrings that you love! Please check out our video for a tutorial for replacing cheap earring hooks for ones that are gold-filled. All you need is a pair of gold-filled earrings hooks and a few tools like that you likely already have in your tool-box at home!
Watch our video, and rest-assured you will get back to having your ears dressed in style (and pain-free!)

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