Our Best Selling Bracelet Has a Brand New Look!


The Motherhood Bracelet has been a fan favorite and our best selling piece since day one! Everyone loves the special meaning behind those rose quartz beads and it is given as a gift to moms and their girls time and time again. 

Because of this, we decided to give it a fresh new look for 2021! Version 2 of our Motherhood Bracelet” and “Motherhood Bracelet (child size)” are now available in our shop. Keep reading to learn what looks different and why.

Whats different about the new Motherhood Bracelet?

  1. It’s daintier - we swapped 6 mm beads for 4 mm beads. This makes the bracelet look better stacked, and now matches the beads on the child-size version perfectly.
  2. It has a new charm - we replaced the larger gold-plated feather charm with a smaller gold-filled charm. The new charm will not tarnish over time, and is less likely to snag when being active.
  3. It has a more finished look - we added 2 gold-filled round beads close to the clasp, and moved the placement of the charm to give it a more finished look.
  4. It is more customizable - we increased the extension chain from ¾ inches to a full 1 inch to accommodate for varying sized wrists. Our new bracelet is 6.5 inches at the first link, and 7.5 inches at the last link.

Whats different about the new Motherhood Bracelet (child size)?

  1. It gets a charm too! - our original version did not have a feather charm, but due to popular demand our new version has a charm as well
  2. It matches perfectly with the adult size - same size beads, same charm, same extension chain just all in a smaller size bracelet.
  3. It has a more finished look - just like our adult version, we added 2 gold-filled round beads close to the clasp and placed the charm on the end of the extension chain for a more finished look.
  4. One size fits all - Instead of having 4 different child-sizes with ½ inch extension chains to choose from, now there is just one size which includes a full 1 inch extension chain. Our new bracelet is 5.5 inches at the first link and 6.5 inches at the last link, and fits most children age 3-12 years.


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